Stephen Curry and His Cutting-Edge Performance

Steph Curry shots

In the NBA of today, there are only a few names that can rival Stephen Curry’s name. Whether you are part of the Dubnation (the┬áname coined for Golden State Warriors fan as a whole — google it up for its origin!), a solid Cavs fan or an OKC fanatic, safe to say, you definitely respect this baby-faced “assassin” who shoots from the beyond the half-court with sniper-rifle accuracy.

His story is even more interesting. Stephen Curry grew up being told that he was a loser, that he would never get drafted into the NBA. And that he was not good or strong enough, given relatively small physique. He was taunted to get badly injured even in the constant skirmishes in the game. At 5 feet six inches tall midway during his high school days (albeit he is now 6’3″, considered below average for NBA players nonetheless where the average is around 6’7″) and about a hundred and thirty pounds, his chances of becoming a national player was obviously bleak. He knew that the odds were stacked against him including his genetics and that he was a clear underdog.

So how did Stephen Curry scurry to become a 2-time MVP and lead his team to 2 championships?

Well, you can say it is because of his stellar shooting skills. Or maybe you can say it’s his coach. But this is what Stephen’s conditioning and strength coach, Alan Stein, had to say: “(He) is one of the best shooters on the planet today because he chose to create great habits.”

As they say, you become the product of the things that you do consistently and constantly. The old adage that says practice makes perfect holds true before, today and even perhaps in perpetuity.

If you google this godly champion’s strength and conditioning exercises, drills and practices, you would be amazed. And perhaps we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

steph curry drills

3 Ps for Reapplication

So what are we to do then? We need to develop discipline. Discipline, at least for us, comes from having three things: Passion, Purpose, and Partners. Yes, partners, buddies, peers, however, you call them!. In whatever industry or career you are, these three elements serve as your guide and help to keep on even when the going gets tough. We are talking about tough circumstances, tough competition, tough choices et cetera et cetera.

Passion and Purpose are a bit more fundamental than the third one which is Partners. Without passion or ‘loving’ what you do (Jyounetsu in Japanese), you will not sustain any efforts. You don’t even have to love it to learn it in the beginning, but you have to aspire to learn to love what you are doing, starting with those better aspects of the craft. Purpose, on the other hand, involves more than just you. Because it talks about who and why you were created to be. If you find it, you are close to having a bull’s eye on life’s fulfillment and happiness. And these will reward your painstaking efforts to get better at it.

Gym buddy, anyone?

Partners, like we always say, may be the most understated factor in creating habits and progressing in life or in business. Whether it’s a training buddy (as in the case of Stephen Curry), a mentor for your thesis, a business partner or your best friend, they go a long way in helping you forge on and ultimately, achieve your fullest potential.

In our case, for example, we employ merchant services provider as our partner in serving our clients’ needs. Without them, we would end up getting overwhelmed with queries, transactions and occasionally, complaints. But our partner service providers make it so easy for us instead. Like what partners do, they encourage, equip and empower us to take our business to a whole new level! Indispensable they are, indeed.


Good behaviors develop good habits. And good habits are sustained by having a clear purpose, insatiable passion and excellent partners in your journey to excellence. They give you the edge towards achieving superior performance.