Physical Fitness As A Means To A Dynamic Life

John F.  Kennedy once said,  “Physical Fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body,  it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activities.”  Of course, I totally agree with what he said and I have also witnessed that in my friends and even in myself.

If I have a healthy body,  I can work better,  think better,  speak better, act better and interact better.   If I have a healthy body,  I am very dynamic and ready to face the day and all throughout.  If I have a healthy body,  my brain really works as well.   A healthy body is really important.   It makes us act or do the things we want to do.   It makes us do the things that we want to do longer,  even if we age.   Physical Health is very vital to a good a life.

What are my options?

There are a lot of types of Physical Fitness that we can choose from.  We can do Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise.   We can also do Anaerobic exercise.  Or if you want,  have a Joint Flexibility exercise.   Or have some muscular endurance and strength exercises.  Or just simply have a little stretching, walking or jogging around your village every day.  It is really important to burn the calories we have or the excess fats we have in our bodies.  You might have a very hectic schedule in your office or your job is very demanding,  that you don’t have the time to relax and exercise.   You might just be sitting in your office the whole day facing your computer,  and just leave all the fats to grow in your tummy,  then that is a choice that we should make.

Think of your dreams and goals…

I know all of us wanted to live longer and enjoy life has to offer.   We want to live longer because we want to do the things that we are doing right now,  and we are also building a better future for our children,  and we want to witness that.   We have visions and dreams that we want to accomplish.   But it is a very sad fact,  a lot of hardworking people died because of sickness.   They were not able to enjoy the fruits of their labor because they were already gone.
I also have a lot of things to do.   I also would want to enjoy life even if I age.   I really would like to help people,  especially those who are in need.   I really would want to earn more so that I can help more.   But how can I do that if my physical body is unhealthy,  or if I am sick?  I really have to make a decision.   I want to live longer and help more.
Weight Loser
Just a year ago,  I started to do some Physical Fitness— cardiovascular exercises,  stretching,  walking and jogging.   I was really hard on myself at that time when I started.   I did it on a regular basis.   I was 112 kilograms then.  Life was very heavy.   I could not move fast and even work fast.   I can’t take a long walk or even climb the stairs.   It was very hard.   But right now,  I am lighter and happier.   I am now 90 kilograms.   It was a lot of work,  but it’s worth it.
Indeed,  Physical Fitness is really a big help to me.   With a healthier body,  I have a very dynamic,  creative and happier life.