Knowing how to maximize the exercise of the future

The mindset of fitness and wellness

Whoever hates proper diet and physical activities most likely hates his life. Having the right daily regimen, after all, is connected to our mindset. How we see the world and the people in it affects how we take care of ourselves.

There is a fine line however between taking care of your body and trying to impress everyone with an aesthetically pleasant-looking physique. In our opinion, merely appearing good and being the envy of your peers is simply a puny reason to get ripped. Besides, we just learned that there are even better ways to achieve the physical form that you want apart from just the traditional weight lifting and dance/aerobics exercises (might we include Zumba) that we are accustomed to.

Calisthenics, your ideal fitness mechanics

calisthenics performed in a park

In this age of uber fast innovation and exploration, we believe that it is time to take a look at a relatively less-known fitness program called Calisthenics. In fact, we do hold the belief that Calisthenics is the future of fitness training. The routine of going to the gym, oggling at your own body and crunching those weights off is certainly not getting us anywhere apart from perhaps simply inflating our egos.

Feedback from those who have been there and done that, shows that once weight-lifting is done regularly over a period of time, gym buffs eventually find it “un-creative”, overly hyped-up and boring. Remember that when most of us started, our goal was to get better health, develop functional strength and improve our reflexes. We wanted to avoid being the couch potatoes that we once were or we would have been.

By the way, functional strength is the kind of strength that you use for day-to-day tasks. Of course, one would not get it from simply sitting in the sofa set all day long or renting a limo and savoring the joyride for hours and hours. Functional strength can definitely be improved through weight training, no doubt. The difference is that in calisthenics, one gets to have all the benefits of bodybuilding without getting any unnecessary injuries, disproportionate growth of specific muscle parts and bouts of boredom and lethargy.

On the other hand, we can say that Calisthenics does more than just improving our appearance and self-esteem, it actually hits the muscles and tissues in our body that were perhaps never even touched during those painstaking weight-lifting sessions.

Brain, Behavior, Body

The exact order above is how we should tackle our physical fitness goals. As mentioned earlier, having the right mindset – say, doing it for your health or doing it to inspire others to be fit too – is key to kickstarting and more importantly, sustaining your fitness habits. Once your brain is rewired to think differently, your sense of mental and physical discipline starts to gain traction. Finally, with discipline and personalized fitness routine, your body will eventually benefit from it in the terms of vitality, muscle strength, flexibility and mental alertness. The enviable look you will get out of going through this new regimen is mere icing on the cake.