How Much Is Your Remaining Health Balance?


While still young, people do different kinds of preparation to secure their future. During academic life, students stay late at night to study and do school requirements to get better grades and career opportunities in the future. This is a cycle in every stage of a person’s life.

Life after college

After graduation, one seeks a job and gives his best to get to a stable tenure. To get through this, there is a necessity to work the extra mile for his job. One could never avoid that quite often, there is a need to do overtime, skip meals and work under pressure, stressing you out mentally, emotionally and physically. This is because at this stage, especially to young professionals, health is just some sort of capital utilized for the future. This is the stage when the body is supposedly at its top shape, energetic and oozing with new ideas to be explored. It is then necessary to keep our body in good shape. Driving oneself too much at work will result in health problems which decrease productivity and ultimately deplete savings.

Millennial at work

BPO workers

Working millennials, especially in the BPO world, face unique occupational hazards because of the nature of the work. Changing sleep patterns change the circadian rhythm of the body that could result in sleep disturbance. Moreover, agents tend to smoke to keep them alert especially during the night shift. Workers spend most of their time sitting on the chair facing their work stations and sipping coffee or sodas. This could result in eye and ear problems, slower brain functions, and an accumulation of body fats due to lack of physical mobility. In addition, busy people sometimes skip meals or tried to get satisfaction from fast food which adds more problems to health. This is the reason why some call center companies provide amenities for the agents such as gym and health insurance which is very necessary and more recently, compulsory. This way, one could get a check on their health status just like getting a balance inquiry of your bank account.

Health among the new generation

During the later stage, the body starts to turn weak as age reaches its prime. Health issues start to arise such as problems in the heart, blood, kidneys, liver and so on. This is the moment when one uses his or her investments for health. The problem is, if the millennials keep on draining their health because of poor lifestyle, prime age will be lowered and the average lifespan of mankind will eventually be affected on a scale we’ve never seen before.

Just like how we keep a track on our bank accounts, it is essential to treat our health condition as an account and be vigilant in keeping track of our remaining health balance.