Double-D With Aero Kae Bo: Defense And Discipline

I can still remember back when I was a kid, people used to pinch my cheeks because of my chubby face. People enjoy the sight of me chumming endlessly to whatever food is served on the table. Those were the days and gone are those days. After a couple of years and as I say hello to the bulging belly fats and double chin, I now sometimes lose heart. The sight of my physique made me wonder which part I would spend less so that I can spend more on weight loss diets, spend less on food or save more for liposuction surgery. Either way, this all boils down to one problem, that getting fit nowadays is a hard thing for most of us.


But, aside from the above reasons, we simply either don’t have time or motivation to exercise. One thing that drives us to strive hard apart from inspiration is motivation. Inspiration somehow has an expiration especially when it is directed towards a finite source, like, say, a person. However, motivation usually comes from our inner self that drives us to continue what we started. And this is the goal of AEROKAEBO.

But, what is AEROKAEBO?

What makes some of us get disappointed in burning our calories is because of having not enough reason for our self to endure the hardest. Honestly, it is not easy to find a very good reason why we endure the pain of burning such adipose tissues. The short answer is to simply allow ourselves to get the right clothing size for us. This is one of the barriers that AERO KAE BO wants to remove.

Aerokaebo is a combination of four types of discipline that helps us get physically fit and able to defend one’s self. This was created by a Filipino fitness and Martial Art expert, Manny Salta last 2004. How is this done?

Aero, as we know, was derived from Aerobics which is a form of physical exercise combining rhythmic aerobic exercise through stretching and routines to train your muscle strength, improve flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Karate on the other hand, of course as most of us know is a Japanese Martial Art that seeks to develop our defensive and counterattacking body movements. Taekwondo, like Karate, is a systematic and scientific Korean Traditional Art that combines punching and kicking. Lastly, boxing is a sport or practice of fighting with the fists through punching.

How is this practically executed?

Just like everybody else, I am like a grizzly bear who prefers to hibernate and choose to sleep and cuddle the soft pillows over sweat with hardly any cares. But, realizing that the world is no longer safe made me think twice.

Learning a bit of self-defense is, therefore, a necessity for us in this new age. AERO KAE BO is a physical fitness workout for everyone especially for those who want to develop defense skills. Apart from burning calories, we learn a few additional skills in KARATE, TAEKWONDO, and BOXING.

I can feel your excitement from here to try Aerokaebo. What is best is that there is no need for you to spend extra money since you can easily download or view the workout through the internet. However, one should be more mindful of a health condition and better get yourself a health check if you want to do the workout alone.

The steps are very simple but from the first 10 minutes alone, you can already feel a bucket of sweat all over your body. Probably the most rewarding sight to every person who wants to get rid of the calories. It is composed of stretching from aerobics and combination of punching and kicking routines with complete warming and cooling down instructions. Perfect for those who just want to stay at home but still keep the sweat flowing.

If you are still trying to decide what type of workout you would like to have, why not try AEROKAEBO. It is not just burning calories but improves a lot about yourself through self-discipline and defense.