Double-D With Aero Kae Bo: Defense And Discipline

I can still remember back when I was a kid, people used to pinch my cheeks because of my chubby face. People enjoy the sight of me chumming endlessly to whatever food is served on the table. Those were the days and gone are those days. After a couple of years and as I say hello to the bulging belly fats and double chin, I now sometimes lose heart. The sight of my physique made me wonder which part I would spend less so that I can spend more on weight loss diets, spend less on food or save more for liposuction surgery. Either way, this all boils down to one problem, that getting fit nowadays is a hard thing for most of us.


But, aside from the above reasons, we simply either don’t have time or motivation to exercise. One thing that drives us to strive hard apart from inspiration is motivation. Inspiration somehow has an expiration especially when it is directed towards a finite source, like, say, a person. However, motivation usually comes from our inner self that drives us to continue what we started. And this is the goal of AEROKAEBO.

But, what is AEROKAEBO?

What makes some of us get disappointed in burning our calories is because of having not enough reason for our self to endure the hardest. Honestly, it is not easy to find a very good reason why we endure the pain of burning such adipose tissues. The short answer is to simply allow ourselves to get the right clothing size for us. This is one of the barriers that AERO KAE BO wants to remove.

Aerokaebo is a combination of four types of discipline that helps us get physically fit and able to defend one’s self. This was created by a Filipino fitness and Martial Art expert, Manny Salta last 2004. How is this done?

Aero, as we know, was derived from Aerobics which is a form of physical exercise combining rhythmic aerobic exercise through stretching and routines to train your muscle strength, improve flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Karate on the other hand, of course as most of us know is a Japanese Martial Art that seeks to develop our defensive and counterattacking body movements. Taekwondo, like Karate, is a systematic and scientific Korean Traditional Art that combines punching and kicking. Lastly, boxing is a sport or practice of fighting with the fists through punching.

How is this practically executed?

Just like everybody else, I am like a grizzly bear who prefers to hibernate and choose to sleep and cuddle the soft pillows over sweat with hardly any cares. But, realizing that the world is no longer safe made me think twice.

Learning a bit of self-defense is, therefore, a necessity for us in this new age. AERO KAE BO is a physical fitness workout for everyone especially for those who want to develop defense skills. Apart from burning calories, we learn a few additional skills in KARATE, TAEKWONDO, and BOXING.

I can feel your excitement from here to try Aerokaebo. What is best is that there is no need for you to spend extra money since you can easily download or view the workout through the internet. However, one should be more mindful of a health condition and better get yourself a health check if you want to do the workout alone.

The steps are very simple but from the first 10 minutes alone, you can already feel a bucket of sweat all over your body. Probably the most rewarding sight to every person who wants to get rid of the calories. It is composed of stretching from aerobics and combination of punching and kicking routines with complete warming and cooling down instructions. Perfect for those who just want to stay at home but still keep the sweat flowing.

If you are still trying to decide what type of workout you would like to have, why not try AEROKAEBO. It is not just burning calories but improves a lot about yourself through self-discipline and defense.

Health and Fitness Apps this Coming Holiday Season

Nowadays, people are struggling to keep their bodies healthy and maintain the fitness to work. But this seems to be impossible because of the workload and busy schedules that won’t even allow them to enroll in fitness centers. As a result, obesity records are on a high.

What may seem impossible before is made possible nowadays in a way much cheaper price than going to the gym and getting, say, a fitness coach. Having smartphones or computers, you can now download the best health and fitness applications without compromising your career or family schedules.

Women fitness apps

A study was recently conducted which reveals that subscribers who are actively doing their health and fitness activities have body mass index (BMI) lower than non-subscribers. This was said to be because people who do their exercise have mobile applications and thus, overcome some barriers that they otherwise would not succumb to inside the fitness centers. However, phone storage is an issue needs to be considered before downloading any mobile applications.

Check out the suggested applications below for you to achieve your goals towards fitness, health. Plus, choose the one that works best for you and your mobile phone.

Charity Miles

Isn’t it awesome to know that after enjoying the health benefits of getting a dose of exercise, you are actually getting paid for every walk, run or bike? This app allows you to earn corporate sponsorship for charity from Timex Sports, Humana, and Lifeway Foods. A cyclist receives ten cents for per mile and 25 cents for runners and walkers. A subscriber can also choose his or her personal choice of charity as a beneficiary of your hard-earned sacrifice.


Eyes on the price. This app allows you to choose a challenge where you decide the length of time and the weight to lose with your corresponding bet to win this challenge. Win your money back for at least four percent loss of body weight and other more surprising benefits.

Couch to 5k

Men fitness apps

For just thirty minutes a day, three days a week, nine weeks, be able to enjoy a training program that helped thousands of users. Couch to 5 allows you to choose your very own motivating interactive coach and share your progress with your loved ones on your social media through the site’s community. In this app, a monitor of your pace and distance on every 30-minute session allows you to analyze your performance and progress. It presents these metrics through two separate graphs.


This site is absolutely one of the top applications because of its user-friendly steps and calorie counters.  It has a database that features over five million food, a barcode nutrition scanner, and recipe importer. This will allow the users to track their calorie intake easily with corresponding exercise steps that enable the user to burn their calories accumulated.


This application first started as a basic wellness program which later turned into a worldwide community-based fitness application. It features an in-app coaching which features either personalized or group Tabata-based interval workouts and experience group training.


This application is actually a short abbreviation of “Simply Work It” which offers application videos of personal trainers demonstrating the exercises. Either you follow the standard or you want to have your customized workout concerning your time availability and specific body areas to be toned. It includes a combination of random exercises and interval training that maximizes the effectiveness of your workout and helps one avoid getting used to common routines.

PEAR Personal Coach

Tired of following the same workout videos that may seem unfit to you? This app allows the experience of having a personal trainer with just a touch of your hand at the best price. Hundreds of interactive videos provided by well-known fitness professionals for all levels can be found here.


Strava is an app best for runners and cyclists since it gives more emphasis on its user’s performance analytics. It can be linked to your Garmin gadget to get real-time log and comparison from previous workouts to see the progress. It also has a leaderboard function that allows users to get motivated, upon seeing the performance of other users doing the same workout area.

FIT Radio

Women music apps

Are you enjoying Zumba or just easily get carried away by the beat? This app specializes on DJ-created mixes of streaming music in different genres. Just like Spotify, this app is free but limited for a single genre. If you wish to have more music genres, you can upgrade to premium for only $3.99 per month and get unlimited choices.


Implied by its name, this app has over 70 million routes available for runners.  The feature includes “Route Genius” which generates a route to follow based on the length you want to run. The app requires a simple zip code of the place and will automatically generate best running routes for you. This is best for travelers who don’t want miss a run especially on routes with scenic views.

Pocket Yoga

Can’t resist getting a stretch? Get this awesome Pocket Yoga and enjoy 200 poses anytime and anywhere designed by experienced yoga instructors. Progress is tracked better performance unlocks new environments for a more challenge to conquer.

Exercise Apps

Are you enjoying the applications listed? Send us your idea if you have other mobile applications which you think is awesome for the everyday fitness enthusiast.