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Yoga Mala: Celebrate the Light

Soon temperatures will slowly drop as nights begin to lengthen; this is an ideal time to soak up the last bit of the Sun’s light as Fall arrives. Join Rae for the beloved 108 A-series Sun Salutations at Edge Fitness on Sunday September 21st from 10:00-11:30am. Cost is $10.

Come Check Out What All Of The Buzz Is About!

“My daughter, who is a high school athlete, has been attending CardioX twice a week for a number of weeks now, and since then I have watched her performance grow by leaps and bounds on the tennis court, with a huge increase in energy, attitude, and confidence in her game due to the obvious improvement in endurance and agility gained from Scott’s class.  The 30-minute class length before school has been perfect for her, and I have noticed she has more of an “I can do this” attitude in general after she finishes Scott’s challenging workouts.  It has been a joy to watch her confidence soar!”

Cardio Express T/Th/Sat 6:30-7am



There are lots of gyms to choose from, we know that.

But we’re pretty confident that we’re the only gym around where you can be yourself (and more) without feeling like a total tool. We’re excited to offer our clients more than a place to sweat in solitude. We’re at your service, with a dietitian, personal trainers, massage therapists, a physical therapist, and so much more.
It’s easy to get started:

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Evaluation of basic movement abilities and consultation. Please contact us regarding how you can schedule a Complimentary Functional Movement Screen*! Contact Melanie or Scott at 503-265-8685 or email: to schedule your assessment today!

*The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a seven-step process that looks at joint stability and mobility, flexibility, trunk and core strength, and rotational trunk stability.

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Download and complete your Liability Waiver and Intake Form: Click Here to Download the Waiver and click here to download the Intake Form. Please bring your waiver/intake form with you on your first trip to Edge.

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Now that you have decided to join the EDGE Community, you can save money on your membership if you sign up for auto payments. Click here to download the Auto Payment form. Remember, there are NO JOINING FEES and you can terminate your membership at any time!